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MED80 develops and manufactures training equipment for clinics, rehabilitationcenters, EAP centers and physiotherapists. We have emerged as an independent medical division from gym80 – so decades of experience in the production of professional strength training equipment for the fitness market is flowing into our training equipment. The "Made in Germany" power machines – known for their innovative ability – were the starting point of a journey that once began in bodybuilding and now leads to the field of medicine and health.

MED80 and medicos. AufSchalke

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by a 20-certified course!

Find out more about our course concepts on the topic of power circles & muscle balance.

Health-oriented courses, which are supported by the statutory health insurance companies, have been an integral part of the offer of many training facilities for years. Members and customers benefit – the offer of such certified group trainings also has immense advantages for you as an operator: They thus tap into new member potentials and also position themselves as a quality provider. MED80 now offers together with the partner medicos. On Schalke, two concepts that meet the requirements of the Central Testing Centre for Prevention. The trainees have the possibility to get up to 75 of the course fees refunded.

From practice For practice

The medicos. OnSchalke is an interdisciplinary rehabilitation, sports and health centre from Gelsenkirchen. It offers a high-quality performance program for outpatient rehabilitation, prevention and sports. So THE ideal partner for MED80! From our cooperation two concepts have emerged, which you as an operator of medical facilities, but also fitness and health studios, can integrate into your own concept with minimal effort.

Certified Complete concepts

The biggest hurdle – certification by the Central Prevention Testing Centre and the associated bureaucracy – has long since been overcome in this case: we provide you with scripts and documents.

Do you know who will run the course in your company?*

The instructors are provided by medicos. OnSchalke a detailed training including examination and certificate.

This gives them the right to lead the respective course later.

Both concepts begin with a warm-up phase to prevent injuries.

The participants receive a lot of background information, general information about the training, as well as tips to be able to successfully integrate what they have learned into everyday life.

Additional exercise suggestions for training at home complete the offer.

*Required provider qualification:

Sports scientist, physiotherapist, physiotherapist, sports and gymnastics teacher, doctor, licensed trainers of gymnastics and sports federations with training "Sport in Prevention"
(License Level II, Quality Seal SPORT PRO HEALTH)

Training Concepts


Muscle balance

For a body
in balance