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MED80 develops and manufactures training equipment for clinics, rehabilitationcenters, EAP centers and physiotherapists. We have emerged as an independent medical division from gym80 – so decades of experience in the production of professional strength training equipment for the fitness market is flowing into our training equipment. The "Made in Germany" power machines – known for their innovative ability – were the starting point of a journey that once began in bodybuilding and now leads to the field of medicine and health.


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On an equal footing with "health workers"

Our origins are in the Ruhr area, in the environment of hard-working people. From the very beginning, we have been part of the industry, which means that we are always very close to the people who work with our equipment – whether as a trainee or as an operator of a facility.
In the health sector, the people whose daily "tool" we provide are the physiotherapists, sports scientists and doctors. All these people conscientiously ensure that their patients become pain-free through rehab training, recover faster and feel the ease in everyday life again – or do not even fall ill through targeted prevention. Whether rehabilitation or prevention – we support with our full expertise and with our equipment, we facilitate people's training and thus the way to recovery and lasting health.

Certified devices for the first and second health care market

As a full-service provider, we provide equipment for both the first and second health markets and support the application. With our extensive consulting, we show our customers, for example, how an offer for self-payers is built up and how patients become permanent customers. Our certified training equipment is designed for prevention and rehabilitation and serves the specific needs of users.

This includes barrier-free entry as well as increased seating or adjustable footrests and load arms to accommodate restrictions on freedom of movement. Comfortable, safe operation meets optimal training effect. In addition, we offer the possibility to expand device training with digital solutions that document the course of therapy and make progress visible. In this way, we offer our customers an enormous relief in dealing with their patients by enabling them to participate more intensively in their own therapy, rather than just performing the prescribed exercises.

Industry experts with expertise

Our team consists of professionals who have worked for years in the rehabilitation department of a clinic or themselves as physiotherapists or sports therapists. We see ourselves as health workers and know what matters: on the one hand, when it comes to therapy with patients and on the other hand in our own business model in competition.

Contact us or visit our showroom in Waltrop to learn more, exchange ideas and discuss – our MED80 team is at your disposal.

MED80 - Development, Manufacturing, Consulting

Our medical training equipment is created only through teamwork, where know-how, experience and passion meet. Only in this way have we become a competent full-service provider, which not only manufactures medical training equipment, but also shows ways to use them both therapeutically and economically optimally on the one hand.



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